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We're not just envisioning the future of realistic energy savings with vacuum insulation; we're actively achieving it! Join Energy Revolution with Our Cutting-Edge Vacuum Insulation Energy Technologies
at the Department of Knowledge Exchange and Impact!


Ü The Department of Knowledge Exchange and Impact is dedicated to facilitating the exchange of knowledge among individuals, educators, homeowners, building retrofit contractors, renovators, net-zero energy enthusiasts, institutions and organizations that are focused on energy efficiency. Our mission is to make a global impact through the innovative solutions we offer in vacuum insulation energy technologies. These solutions address a wide range of challenges, including the rising costs of energy, the lack of adequate insulation in the building and construction sector, the need for improved thermal management in electric vehicles and transportation industries, enhancing refrigeration systems insulation, and advancing cooling mechanisms in electronics and automation sectors with vacuum insulation. Additionally, our vacuum insulation products are pivotal in the medical and pharmaceutical storage sectors. In addition, our educational institutions where students and apprentices can greatly benefit from implementing and learning these cutting-edge vacuum insulation energy technologies. This not only aids in sustainability efforts but also contributes significantly to combating climate change. Within our department, we actively engage in identifying and addressing complex issues by asking critical questions and implementing effective solutions.


Ü The department of Knowledge Exchange is actively engaged in advancing the understanding and application of our vacuum insulation energy technologies, such as currently focusing on the following products:


l Vacuum Insulation Wallpaper (VIW): The department is committed to promote energy-savings with Vacuum Insulation Wallpaper; a revolutionary product designed to enhance thermal insulation in buildings. By integrating vacuum insulation technology into wallpaper, this solution offers a seamless and aesthetically pleasing approach to reducing energy consumption and improving indoor comfort.


l Decorative Integrated Vacuum Insulation Panel with MCM and Metal Features: The department is dedicated to explain the benefits of implementing Decorative Integrated Vacuum Insulation Panels that incorporate Metal Composite Materials (MCM) or shiny metal features. This innovative approach not only improves thermal insulation but also offers versatile design options, making it suitable for a wide range of architectural applications


l Flexible Design Options for Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP): Recognizing the importance of adaptability in construction and design, this department promotes the implementation of Vacuum Insulation Panels with flexible design options. These panels are engineered to fit various architectural needs, providing optimal insulation while accommodating creative design choices.


l Vacuum Insulated Bag-or-Box (VIBB): The department is also involved in the promotion of specialized Vacuum Insulated Bag-or-Box solutions tailored for critical applications such as Medical Boxes, Deep Cold Boxes, Rolling Cart Covers, and Fresh Bags. These products are essential for maintaining precise temperature control in transport and storage, crucial for medical supplies, perishable goods, and other temperature-sensitive materials.


Ü But, we don’t stop at innovation. The heart of our department lies in our commitment to knowledge exchange and the impactful implementation of our solutions. By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, we ensure that every stakeholder, from individual homeowners to large-scale industries, can access and benefit from our groundbreaking vacuum insulation energy technologies.


Ü We’re also tackling head-on the complex challenges that come with innovation. Through rigorous research, open dialogue, and creative problem-solving, we’re not just asking the tough questions—we’re finding and implementing the answers.


Ü Through our commitment to knowledge exchange and impact, this department aims to drive the adoption of these vacuum insulation energy-saving products, contributing to energy conservation, environmental sustainability, and enhanced quality of life. By partnering with industry leaders and engaging with the community, the department strives to create a sustainable future powered by our innovative energy solutions.


Ü Together, we can turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities, making a significant impact on our planet and in the lives of people around the world. Let’s innovate, exchange, and impact the future, one step forward at a time!


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