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Sanyou London Pvt Ltd, located in the heart of Central London-Canary Wharf, where our mission is to shape a sustainable net zero energy future with our innovative Vacuum Insulation Energy Technologies that empower individuals, homeowners, building contractors, construction projects, organizations, institutions and educators to save their energy consumption realistically. It is established in successful partnership with the world’s esteemed manufacturer and leader in vacuum insulation technologies, Jiangsu Sanyou Dior Energy-Saving New Materials Co., Ltd. Together, we celebrate the UK-China collaboration, uniting in research and innovation to bring superior vacuum insulation energy-efficient technologies to the world. It consists of three departments, as briefly described below.


Department of Industrial R&D in Vacuum Insulation Energy Technologies.


This department houses a mass manufacturing facility with advanced vacuum insulation panel machines and one of the largest evacuation chambers, boasting an annual output of 2.5 million square meters. This facility ensures top-quality standards through rigorous measurement and validation of thermal conductivity and patented technique of internal vacuum pressure. It also includes a specialized research lab equipped with cutting-edge tools and ISO-standard instruments for studying electrical and thermal performance, alongside a unique real-time performance houses facility for in-depth analysis of energy, thermal, and sound insulation in various climates. With patented products and ISO 9001 certification, Sanyou London is dedicated to advancing vacuum insulation technologies through global partnerships, aiming to promote sustainable building practices and achieve net-zero energy buildings.


Department of Products and Sales

This department is renowned for transforming innovative ideas through applied industrial research into physical products to people, achieving Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9. Our products portfolio is segmented into four distinct categories: (1) Vacuum Insulated Wallpaper (VIW), (2) MCM and Metal Type Decorative Integrated Vacuum Insulation Panels, (3) Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) with Flexible Design Options, and (4) Vacuum Insulated Bag-or-Box (VIBB), which includes a range of products like Vacuum-Insulated Medical Boxes, Deep Cold Boxes, Rolling Cart Covers, and Fresh Bags.


Department of Knowledge Exchange and Impact


This department is dedicated to encouraging knowledge exchange among a diverse community, including individuals, homeowners, building contractors, construction projects, organizations, institutions and educators through vacuum insulation energy technologies. We aim to tackle global challenges such as rising energy costs, inadequate building insulation, and the need for advanced thermal insulation and management across various sectors such as houses, building construction, electric vehicles, transportation, refrigeration systems, electronics, automation, and medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and food logistics and storage. Our focus also extends to educational institutions worldwide, where students and apprentices can benefit significantly from implementing and learning about these advanced vacuum insulation energy technologies. By championing innovation and creating collaborative ecosystems, we ensure broad access to our vacuum insulation technologies, thus enhancing sustainability and contributing to climate change mitigation. Our efforts go beyond innovation; we actively engage in research, dialogue, and creative problem-solving to implement effective solutions. This department serves as a connection for sustainability, innovation, and community to transform energy challenges into solutions, thereby making a significant impact on our planet and improving lives worldwide.


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About Leadership Team

Prof. Dr. Saim Memon

CEO and Industrial Professor of Renewable Energy Engineering

Prof. Dr. Saim Memon, CEO and Industrial Professor of Renewable Energy Engineering, unifies academic research and development, industrial manufacturing, and product distribution in the global market. His mission is to shape a sustainable net zero energy future with innovative vacuum insulation energy technologies that empower individuals, homeowners, building contractors, construction projects, organizations, institutions and educators to save their energy consumption realistically.


Prof. Saim has progressed upon his extensive academic experiences to amass a portfolio that includes 120+ research publications, 41 taught modules (including module leadership) in electrical, electronic, mechanical, and renewable energy engineering with over 90% student satisfaction, along with successful supervision of 2+ PhD projects, 12+ MSc/MEng projects, and 23+ BEng (Hons) projects. He has held 50+ invited/keynote speakerships, engaged in research collaborations with 40+ countries worldwide, accumulated 1450+ citations with a 22+ h-index and a 52+ i10-index, served in 5+ editor-in-chief and guest editorships, and fulfilled 40+ journal reviewer roles. Prof. Saim has also demonstrated his academic leadership and made significant contributions to lead research group and MSc/MEng/BEng (Hons) courses directorship and degree apprenticeships with development and validation.


Prof Saim built his academic research career in the UK, earned PhD in Mechanical, Electrical & Manufacturing Engineering; PGCert in Teaching Qualification; MSc in Mechatronics; and BEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering (1st Class Distinction). Prof Saim is also a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of Higher Education Academy, holding Qualified Teacher Status granted by General Teaching Council for Scotland in the UK.


Prof. Saim has world-leading multidisciplinary research expertise in Electrical, Mechanical, and Renewable Energy Engineering. His specific research experiences encompass net-zero energy buildings, vacuum insulation, thermal management of electric vehicle batteries, translucent vacuum insulation panels, energy materials for vacuum insulated smart windows, , vacuum-based photovoltaic solar thermal collectors, applied semi-transparent photovoltaics and switchable films, renewable energy technologies, thermoelectric devices for energy harvesting and smart grid integration into electric vehicles with fast-charging battery mechanisms.


Prof Saim has made substantial volunteer contributions over decades, significantly impacting students and the broader community through various elected roles and initiatives. His leadership in the Solar Car Challenge project and UK-Japan projects exemplifies his commitment to practical engineering education. As the founder of many initiatives, he fostered academic-industrial engagement among students, researchers and educators. His extensive involvement in professional organizations underscores his dedication to enhancing academic, industrial and professional environments globally.


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Mr. Joseph Mi

Chief Representative and President of Jiangsu Sanyou Dior Energy-Saving New Materials Co., Ltd

Mr. Joseph Mi, serving as the esteemed Chief Representative of Sanyou London Pvt Ltd and President of Jiangsu Sanyou Dior Energy-Saving New Materials Co., Ltd, stands at the forefront of the global vacuum insulation technology sector from its base in West Tai Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, Changzhou, China. Under his visionary leadership since 2003, the company has seen remarkable advancements in a diverse product range, including High Temperature Oven Gaskets, Rubber Seals, Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP), Polyurethane Foam Encapsulated VIPs, Cool Boxes, and Decorative Integrated Vacuum Insulation Panels for Buildings. Sanyou’s products, with over 90% being exported to regions like Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, have garnered widespread acclaim from a vast clientele. To date, Sanyou boasts 83 authorized patents, both domestic and international, which include 27 innovative invention patents. Guided by a steadfast commitment to achieving carbon peak and neutrality, Mr. Mi is dedicated to the development and production of sustainable, low-carbon, energy-efficient thermal insulation solutions, thereby making significant contributions toward carbon neutrality and fostering an eco-friendly and habitable environment.

Mr. Huang Shengyun

Business Collaborative Representative and Deputy Chief Engineer at China Academy of Building Research

Mr Huang Shengyun, Business Collaboration Representative of Sanyou London Pvt Ltd and Deputy Chief Engineer at China Academy of Building Research, has decades of experience working in large-scale comprehensive design institute as Deputy Chief Engineer, Senior Engineer and Registered HVAC Engineer.


Mr Shengyun is specialised in variety of projects including green buildings, energy-saving renovation, data center, super high-rise buildings, urban complexes star rated hotels, ancient/antique buildings, prefabricated buildings, building renovation and decoration, equipment and system testing and technical consulting.


Mr Shengyun has profound academic-industrial experiences such as Graduate Supervisor at Beijing University of Technology , Expert of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Expert of Green Data Center Technology Committee, Member of Technology Committee of Data Center Cooling working group of C.A.R, Expertise in Beijing Bid Evaluation Expert Database, Expert in the quality work of construction engineering survey, design, and construction drawings in Beijing, Expert of the Industry Education Integration Platform of the China Refrigeration Society.


Mr Shengyun has won numerous awards as a result of his outstanding contributions such as Cloud Computing Center Technology Award Talent Award, 3rd Outstanding Youth of HVAC, 1st Prize for Construction Engineering at Chengdu Raffles Plaza National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award, Wanxiang Yuefu 2nd Prize in Residential and Residential Community Comprehensive Award at Beijing Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award, 3rd prize in Public Building Comprehensive Award for the Gezhouba Building Project at Beijing Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award.

Ms. Zhang Liangliang

R & D Manufacturing Representive and Chief Engineer at Jiangsu Sanyou Dior Energy-Saving New Materials Co., Ltd

Ms. Zhang Liangliang, serving as the R&D Manufacturing Representative for Sanyou London Pvt Ltd and the Chief Engineer at Jiangsu Sanyou Dior Energy-Saving New Materials Co., Ltd, is a distinguished Engineer in the field of vacuum insulation technology research and development, operating from the West Tai Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park in Changzhou, China.


In her capacity as Executive Director of the Insulation Materials Branch of the Chinese Silicate Society and an Executive Committee Member of the Building Insulation Professional Committee within the China Building Energy Conservation Association, Ms. Liangliang has led notable collaborations. These include partnerships with the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to create high-performance vacuum insulation panels tailored for aerospace applications, and with Dalian University of Technology to advance research on the insulation and evaporation rates of liquid nitrogen tanks.


Ms. Liangliang played a pivotal role in developing vacuum insulation panels and composite products for Feichi refrigerated carriages and engineered flame-retardant polyurethane for building vacuum insulation panels, achieving a significant 20% reduction in panel damage rates. Her innovative work also extends to the application of PU-VIP panels in Haier’s premium Cassati series water heaters and collaborative research with Kongju National University in South Korea on solar composite VIP panels designed for zero energy buildings. Furthermore, Ms. Liangliang contributes to the establishment of three Chinese national standards concerning vacuum insulation panels. Her excellence and innovation have been recognized with numerous accolades, including two gold medals awarded by the organizing committee of the International Forum on Super Insulation Materials in 2020 and 2021, for her groundbreaking work on Deep Cold Application Vacuum Insulation Board Composite Structure and PU-VIP.

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